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Do you have a passion for writing news, features, blogs or any types of content? Do you want to contribute to the growing number of inspiring, creative and essential articles? Do you want to be known and be one of the greatest bloggers of all time?

Let Niger Delta Avengers be an avenue for you to express your creative imagination. Niger Delta Avengers will publish your work, of course, with you credited as the writer. We just want to be an instrument for you to deliver your message to the world through these blog content:


Niger Delta Avengers talks about anything. We accept blog articles about various topics, including arts, music, entertainment, business, computer and technology, finance, gaming, health, fitness, home and family and real estate. You can also write about recreation and sports, shopping, product reviews, insurances, and home improvement.




Apart from blogs, you can write feature stories. You can write about your experiences or about inspiring people in your neighborhood. You can also write about your favorite pet and how it got its name. You can also tell us a story about your hobbies, interests, and likes. Basically, we accept any feature stories. As long as people can relate to your features and they do not violate any of our standards.


Are you a photographer or just anyone who loves taking photos? Well, we also accept your collection of beautiful and lovely photos. Artistic photos are gaining popularity, especially in social media platforms. Well, you can use our blog as an instrument to showcase your artistry.


Part of our blog are reviews about certain products and services so that we can help our readers decide on purchasing goods or availing services.

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