Best First-Person-Shooting Game – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The craze in between the gamers for shooting game is increasing day-by-day. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has already created a lot of sensations in the market with its arrival. The gamer can enjoy them on the PC, play station 3 and Xbox 360. They are developed by one of finest developers i.e. hidden path entertainment and Valve Corporation. The best part of the game is that it lets the person modify the look of their weapons by using skins. The sad part is that they are paid, not anymore as there are few platforms which are providing the free csgo skins to the player.

Features of the game

GOTV – this is the feature which let the person to view the different random gamers while playing. It let you switch the player as well. All you need to do is connect with it.

Cases – in throughout the game cases are dropped or a person can also buy it from the community market. They generally consist of the skins, weapons, etc. the person can even sell and buy it.

Demos – the person can record all their battle and share it to others as well. Just keep in mind that the person can only access the last ten games played by them.

Control settings

In case you are not compatible with the game control setting then you can go for this option and change the control according to self-control. Gamers can control the sensitivity of the thumb sticks, the way of looking around and the keys as well which lead you through the whole game. The person can even control the sensitivity of the aiming. It is never advisable that the person should be playing with the controls that are not compatible, customize according to your comfort zone.