A Heel Protector For Added Support

Due to some specific health conditions some people need to use heel protectors; it’s typically made of gel, air-cushioning, foam or fiber-filing which is specifically designed to remove some of the pressure from the heel. There are numerous kinds, types, models and forms of heel protectors available and it’s just a matter of preference and requirement at this point. One of the best heel protector, according to GeriTrust, is DMI Leg Elevation Pillow.

DMI Leg Elevation Pillow

Available at Amazon the DMI Leg Elevation Pillow offers adequate support for the heel after experiencing foot surgeries, leg surgeries, foot injuries, leg injuries, foot sores and enhancing circulation. Because of the comfortable foam, the pressure is relieved from the foot alongside the ankle as it becomes elevated; this promotes circulations. By elevating the foot, the pressure is relieved thus preventing ulcers and pressure sores. The DMI Leg Elevation Pillow is made from polyurethane foam which includes a cover of soft flannel that’s machine washable. The hook and loop are completely adjustable to make sure that the pillow stays securely in place; the size is 12 inches by 12 inches by 4 inches. As for the guarantee and warranty, Amazon Exclusive’s warranty applies; take note that customers are entitled to the warranty when the product is bought from Amazon.com and Brazo’s Walking Sticks.

The contoured shape of the DMI Leg Elevation Pillow facilitates the support that the user needs. It weighs around 7.2 ounces and is currently available in one color, which is blue. This might be the perfect leg elevation pillow for you, find out by purchasing and trying it online since it comes at an affordable price. The DMI Leg Elevation Pillow is frequently bought together with the DMI Waterproof foot cover which is basically a clear foot cast cover.