Positive effects of technology on children

In the last many years technology has taken a great revolution. From children to old age everyone is using new and improved technology. Technology is increasing at a rapid pace. This technology is most useful for educating young children. As nowadays technology is easy to use so the usage of it by children has increased a lot. It has increased social interaction a lot. If children watch television for a long time it is harmful for them. According to a research the program which uses fast edits and screen cut flash are most harmful for children. This reduces their concentration during the time of study.

Effect of technology on children

Technology has played a key role in the life of children. As using it is getting easier day by day to use. Its usage by children has increased. It is the moral duty of every teacher to examine its impact on children. He should prepare how to use technology to benefit children. Rather than choosing books a teacher should use technological strategies to educate them. Everyone knows that animation and sound effect attract children. Teachers can use this technology to help them study.

Technology has increased its impact a lot. Children also feel strong to handle a computer. They can easily type on the keyboard which doesn’t stress them.

Nowadays technology is increasing for children but in a positive way. Technology is helping them a lot. There are also a large number of programs for children which help them to gather information easily. This information is available in the form of multimedia so it’s easy for them to understand.

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To know that our children are in safe hands and are properly educated to the use of technology we should make sure that the teachers are fully trained to use them.