Sony PSHX500 – The Quality Turntable at a Great Price

Due to the sheer number of record players and turntables available in the market, it’s quite difficult knowing where to start searching for the ideal one for you. Usually, buyers search for brands and what a particularly famous brand offers and in your case you can also search online for record player reviews. To make your search a bit easier, we recommend the Sony PSHX500; this turntable ranks high in numerous reviews, not only because of the quality offered by the brand but because of the considerable price considering the amazing features that it offers.

Sony PSHX500

The Sony PSHX500 is basically a complete system since the turntable can do and offer just about everything that a buyer would want; a cartridge, recording software, analogue to digital converter, USB connection and a built-in phono stage. Because of these features, you will be able to simply connect the Sony PSHX500 to you PC or laptop; feel free to create your very own vinyl based system without the usual hassle that comes with the process. A big plus to the Sony PSHX500 is the incredibly simple and easy set up process; it’s almost impossible to get it wrong.

The analogue to digital of A/D converter is noteworthy, according to numerous reviews it’s able to deliver an incredibly clean and fresh audio experience which is something that other turntables are not able to boast. As long as you place it on a stable surface, the sound that the Sony PSHX500 produces is crystal clear. It might not be the best turntable available in the market, but for its price range it’s outstanding. The only downside to the Sony PSHX500 is that it’s only offered in a single color, which is black and that’s just about it.