A Quality Thin Bezel Monitor for Gaming

Gaming on your PC can make use of just about any quality parts and accessories, but if you want the full gaming experience then you might want to look for parts that were made specifically for gaming. Users that consume vast amounts of media on the PC as well as play all the intense and graphic filled games need a thin Bezel monitor for gaming and such. Because of the meagre size of the bezel the screen size is increased providing better gaming and entertainment experience.

Acer R240HY Widescreen Monitor

Gamers would be amazed by the IPS display of the Acer R240HY, you’d literally see every detail with such clarity; even the colours and consistent in every angle. Because of the zero frame design, your visual experience is not limited. The Acer R240HY supports numerous inputs like DVI, VGA and HDMI so the entire experience can stretch to your tablet or smartphone. Below are some of its best features:

  1. Incredible Visuals – the 23.8” LCD screen is able to feature stunning detail thanks to the 1920 x 1080 resolution. It’s just perfect for all the multimedia, productivity and gaming applications you had in mind.
  2. Consistent Colours at All Angles – featuring advanced plane switching technology with the IPS, you’d be certain performance is optimized at all angles.
  3. Zero Frame Design – different from all the visual experienced you had before, the zero frame design decreases the boundaries. The Acer R240HY is the ideal monitor if you want to add 2 or more monitors side by side.
  4. Ergonomic Tilt – alongside the easy adjustment, users can display can tilt from -5° to 15°. Doing so enables you to pick the optimal sightline based solely on your enjoyment; you’d have the best view possible in your position and set up.