Can Liverpool Revive Their Glory Days?

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Liverpool have been same story since Suarez left them and even this season they look destined to miss out on the Premier League Title race again this year after getting absolutely annihilated by City at the beginning of the season when the players are their best. The problem lies in Liverpool’s old fashioned take to the game. Their management and their coach share the same mentality and have been really nosey at spending the extra bit which will help them to confirm the transfer that they absolutely need during the transfer window.

They made a great signing in the form of Salah this season but failed to address their main problem, defence. Their defence was absolutely destroyed by the City lineup and they were made to look like an amateur squad. Liverpool have a great set of players up top and they have settled in very well and adjusted to Klopp’s style of play but there is absolutely no security given to them by their defenders.

Their lack of composure has cost them a lot of games and them not competing for any title might see them posing their biggest star, Coutinho once again like they lost Luis Suarez and Torres before this. Liverpool desperately need to replace their injury prone striker, Daniel Sturridge and invest in one more attacker, one center back, one left back and one goalkeeper.

This team is full of promise but Jurgen Klopp and the board need to break their tight lease on the bank account if they want any kind of glory soon.