Tips for a Fast Joomla Site

You must definitely work if your web hosting para joomla is too slow. Clients really hate slow websites. They will leave your website earlier than they should. This will result in low traffic. Any website that takes more than 2 seconds to load should be improved. Also, according to Google, the load speed of the site is used for their rankings.  The good news is that it is really not that difficult to enhance the speed of your Joomla site. If you hear rumors that Joomla is really slow, that is usually because of bad hosting companies and incorrect setup. Both of these could be worked on.

Choose a Great Webhost

Selecting the best host for your site is vital. A bad host could screw up all your labors and make your website slow, regardless of how well you might have maximized your site. Check out the forums and reviews before making your selection. Avoid webhosting that is free. Soon you will understand why they are free. Also, compare dedicated and shared packages for web hosting. Usually, dedicated means fast service. However, it will be pricey.

Joomla Cache

One way of serving content that is pre-generated to your clients is Cache. Meaning, the server doesn’t have to look for all details needed in the database each time a webpage is requested. Rather, a save view is given to their browser. Unless you clear your cache, clients will receive temporarily old details if your content has been modified.

Remove Unnecessary Extensions

Choose wisely your extensions. Several of them have a bad effect the speed of your website. Even if you need those features, think at least about whether you really require them on your website. Only that page is affected if you can off-load them to a portfolio-page or contact-page.