How to Choose the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Unless you choose the right swimsuit for the body type you have, a swimsuit could break or make your look during the summer. Do not worry, choosing a swimsuit that complements your body shape is not a difficult work. So, before you purchase your dream swimsuit at Dorothy Perkins discount code, here are some tips that you must follow to feel confident and look gorgeous on the beach.

Pear Body Shape

The best swimsuit for a pear shape body is a high-waist bikini with balconette top. You could go for one-piece swimsuit with a balconette top if you prefer a one-piece. The balconette top will complement your bust and would make your body appear more symmetrical.

Full Bust

The best swimsuit for a woman with a full bust is a swimsuit top that would support her breast. Also, pick a top that would make them feel safe when you move. Molded cups and bandeau swimsuits are an amazing option for a woman with huge breasts.

Small Bust

On the other hand, a woman with small bust has nothing to worry. Most swimsuit complements their body type. Wear a triangle top if you want to keep them look small. Wear a push-up or a balconette if you want to make your breasts look big.

Skinny Women

The best swimsuit for a skinny girl is a one-piece swimsuit with a print that gives illusion that you are thicker. Pick a swimsuit with a balconette top and not a high waist if you prefer to wear a bikini.

Lush Curves

On the other hand, women with curves have a lot of choices. They could wear either a bikini or a one-piece. However, the most complementing type is the one with a design on the belly and a support on the top.