How to Procure Steroids

A lot of people are prescribed steroids and other people are willing to take steroids to build muscle mass. Most of the people are not aware of where to get steroids as the difficult part is that the growth steroids are not legal and to obtain these steroids, you need a prescription.

Firstly, it is not advisable to take the steroids without the advice of the doctor as it comes with serious side effect and overdose can lead to a lot of problems. To start with, it is really difficult to procure anabolic steroids. However, if you are in India, it can be relatively easy to procure anabolic steroids. Most of the chemist in India does not ask for prescriptions and thus they can be obtained from a local chemist.  Some of the people may also buy steroids from a gym trainer and that is not recommendable at all as the duplicate ones can accelerate the problems.

Before you begin the steroid cycle, you should know that the anabolic steroid can have a massive impact on your sperm count and the size of your testicles may also shrink because of the over dosage. In addition to this, you have a serious risk of damaging your kidney, liver and even heart.

Coming to the Corticosteroids, they are easily available in the market and you don’t really need a prescription for the same. They are available in form of creams for a skin infection and most of the asthma sprays and the nasal spray are also steroids which can be procured without any problem. It is just that you should be careful while buying steroid and you should be even more careful while administering steroids to yourself.

Please note that we do not encourage the use of any type of steroid without the medical supervision. In addition to this, it is highly recommendable to obtain steroids only after consulting the doctor.