The Unwavering Popularity Of Solar Nails

It’s not surprising that, for anyone who has no idea what a solar nail is, would think that it has something to do with iron nails used for carpentry. And depending on one’s imagination, the adjective ‘solar’ might imply that the nails have some sort of capability to harness solar energy. As outrageous as that might seem, it’s understandable since the sun and human nails don’t really make any sense together.

However, solar nails actually pertain to a type of nail enhancement made primarily of acrylic. The term solar nail simply stuck because of a trademark. Much like some people calling any soda by the most popular brand’s name.

Regardless of its nomenclature, solar nails have grown popular for women and even men who are fond of expressing themselves through their nails. Adding personality through customizing the look of nails and some other cosmetic enhancements aren’t something new. Some would say that it could have been even more popular had people adopted the ‘acrylic nails’ term. But that’s beside the point. The point is that even with an unusual name, it still grew in popularity.

Solar nails are considerably cheaper to buy and use compared to newer options that came about. The most popular ones like gel and fiberglass don’t even hold water when compared toe to toe with the popularity of solar nails. This is why most women are still considering it as the go to option. Popularity itself can be telling of how reliable a product can be. After all, people wouldn’t continue using it if it weren’t any good.

But to give credit where credit is due, popularity, obviously, isn’t what boosted solar nails into mainstream application. It’s because of its inherent benefits like lasting longer and being refillable that made it as prevalent as it is today.