Benefit of Star Citizen Referral Code

Star citizen is a video game which is developed and published by Cloud Imperium Games. The first module of this game was hangar and after that arena commander was released. There is a module called as The Dogfighting Module in which arena commander is with single seat ship space. The final version of this game is PU (Persistent Universe). Anyone can avail this game by visiting its official website and if you are wanted to play this game then you need an RSI account. Creating an account is easy but if this is about getting free preloaded credit then there are few things you need to consider.

Creating RSI Account

To create an account, open the website of star citizen game. Now, open the sign-up column to get started. There is two type of information which you have to provide to create an account so fill each and everything because this information is used to recover in the condition of forgetting the password. Let’s start with filling private information, first of choose a login id but make sure the account name must be unique. If you are getting trouble in choosing username then enter your name and add last three digits of your mobile number. Fill all options but what about referral code? In order to get a code, log on to and get lots of UEC.

Moreover, if you are unable to find sign up column then this website can help you. as the code is on top and there is a button “Get Your Free Code” so click on this and the code will be automatically filled sign up the column. Fill other information and the process is complete of sign up but don’t forget to invite your friends with referral code because this way you will get more benefits.